Processing Lines

In today‚Äôs competitive global marketplace for metals products the processing of steel, copper and aluminum strip, and other products is a value-added process with significantly higher margins for our customers then raw production.  SMS group provides maintenance services for processing line customers from continuous galvanizing and annealing lines to slitting and plate cut-to-length lines, we have experience and specialized repair processes for repairing this equipment.  We also work with several SMS group sister companies to include: Drever, Duma BandZink, FOEN, and Pro-Eco.  

The most robust area of maintenance services we supply is related to the continuous galvanizing and annealing lines where we provide roll coating services for pot and furnace rolls.  In addition we repair laser welding/strip joining equipment, pot roll rigs, align and repair air knives, inspect furnace rolls, and provide inventory management programs for pot equipment.  We can also provide on-site or off-site slitting head repairs and alignments and can provide technical support for Pro-Eco galvanizing lines, pickle lines, straighteners, slitting lines, or plate cut-to-length lines.  

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